As soon as I get time I’ll document the development process.

In the meantime, you can read the source-code (it’s pretty well commented).


Although it appears that I’ve made Mozilla Microsoft’s slave by wrapping their component technology in XBL, the reverse is true. In developing this wrapper, it became blindingly clear who was in posession of the superior technology.

This wrapper demonstrates the power (and beauty) of the Mozilla architecture. To do the reverse (implement XBL via an HTC) would have been terribly difficult (though not impossible).

What I get from developing in a Mozilla environment, is a sense of completeness. This is the kind of feeling I got from Microsoft in the early days (when their software seemed SO much better than everyone else’s). I think Microsoft might have to do some back-tracking with their browser but we’ll see. For the time being it’s all hail Mozilla (except I really like behaviors?).