Anti-Social Behaviors

Is your browser anti-social? Here is a simple test.


Trying to find a sneaky way of loading behavioral extensions (JavaScript) into IE7, I toyed with the following JavaScript embedded in a CSS style sheet:

 // do something

 // trash this expression
 runtimeStyle.behavior = "none";

Well I said it was sneaky.

There are other CSS hacks similar to this. This differs from those I’ve encountered in the past in three ways:

I had to abandon (for now) this approach because I couldn’t get it to work in IE5.0. Oh well.

Shame to waste it though...

Browse Happy Popup

Browse Happy current version: 1.0.4

Upon exiting your site, visitors using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 will experience an annoying DHTML popup window advising them to upgrade to a better browser. Other browsers will not be affected.

Remember. This only works on Internet Explorer 6.0 (nothing happens in other browsers).


Just include a link to the noIE.css style sheet in your web pages and all Explorer users will be prompted to upgrade their browser when they exit your site. Because all the code is contained in a style sheet there is no additional configuration.

The popup itself exists as a separate HTML file that you can restyle for your pleasure. :-)

Get the popup: /download/

View the source code: noIE/src/