Wasting Time

I’ve spent the last week (of precious development time) on a pet project.

I enjoyed my week of playing but now it’s back to business

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Hi Dean,

Any chance to see IE7 integrate the “NS aware” functions of the DOM Level2 Core ? This is realy missing in IE to bring “namespace bound” behaviours and this bring 100% compatible XHTML page with some advanced rich UI functionality.

Obviously Mozilla already got most of them already;-)

Rgds, JB

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BJB, this post is supposed to be about my pet project. Oh well.:-)

I have no plans to add these functions before IE7 goes live. However, there is no reason they cannot be added as a separate module like IE7 XML Extras. You can always raise a feature request so that I don’t forget..

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Dean, for what it’s worth I think your pet project looks very interesting and I can see how it would be a fun pursuit. Keep at it! I’m interested to see how it develops.
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