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Seems like everyone is making wish lists for Microsoft’s IE7.

I’ve been working on my own list for the past year.

The IE7 compatibility page is a pretty accurate reflection of what web-developers want from Microsoft’s IE7. Add to that the IE7 feature requests and you have a pretty comprehensive list as far as CSS and (X)HTML go.

Just don’t hold your breath.

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The IE folks don’t seem to be willing to say much of anything about what they’re doing. That means to me that they’re more interested in marketing than keeping the development communities informed. To me that means they’re still not putting us first, even after shafting us and then apologizing and saying that they’re committed. At this point, I only use your IE7 for client websites. I just turn off stylesheets for IE and don’t bother maintaining anything for it on my own site. If they won’t talk about what they’re supporting, I’m just gonna keep doing things without them until, and if, they come around. PS: Dean, I’m using IE7 for all my client’s websites, thx. :)
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