moz-behaviors.xml version 1.1

Site update time!

First up, an update of my HTC wrapper for Mozilla browsers. moz-behaviors.xml moves to version 1.1. One major change is that bindings are now stored separately (bindings.xml).

Available for download.

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Hey Dean,

Sent you an email, concerning this but I thought others would benefit as well.

Trying to use moz-behaviors to bind an HTC that will act as a element behavior. Events work fine but properties don’t. I’ve tried using just the name attribute, using the INTERNALNAME attribute and using the PUT attribute, get them all working in IE but cannot get them to work in FireFox. Any suggestions ?

  • Comment by: Scottie
  • Posted:

I’ve got a problem !
When css ‘display’ style is not set in external stylesheet, the behavior doesn’t load.
and when I set it (as block or inline) the behavior loads but my component is not rendering as I want.
Any suggestions ?

  • Comment by: Shazam
  • Posted:

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