I’m finally releasing my syntax highlighting scripts. I’ve been using them on this site for a few months now. The scripts are highly configurable and so far I’ve been able to create modules for the following languages:

One bright spark has created two additional modules:

Take a look at the sample page before downloading.

star-light has also inspired the creation of another (possibly better) syntax highlighter by James Crompton.

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This is a fantastic resource, Dean. Thanks for releasing it.

  • Comment by: Craig
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Do you use Ultraedit because the colour choices seem awfully reminscent.:)

Do you use Ultraedit?

You got me!:-)

  • Comment by: -dean
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This is a great resource, thanks.

I want to know how to parser multiline text?

  • Comment by: ashi
  • Posted:

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[…] The first approach is to use Dean Edwards’ star-light JavaScript/CSS library.  This is a nice piece of client-side JavaScript and CSS that syntax highlights your source code for you, in a variety of languages.  All you have to do is enclose it in a tag like <pre class=”javascript”> or <pre class=”php”>.  The CSS file (which you also need to reference from your page) takes care of invoking some JavaScript code that scours your page and does the syntax highlighting on the client. […]

Hi Dean – this looks great! Thanks for releasing this.

Just one thing I was wondering – which license is the code released under? – Andy

  • Comment by: Andy Elvey
  • Posted:

@Andy – the code is under LGPL. If this is a problem let me know as I am slowly changing all my code to MIT license.

  • Comment by: -dean
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Hi Dean – that’s fine. Thanks!

– Andy

  • Comment by: Andy Elvey
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Great script, but the download link seems to be missing and I kinda hacked my way to it:
But it doesn’t look too hidden so I hope it’s OK ;).

  • Comment by: Nux
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Awesome script. Any plans to release a module for Ruby?

Also, I couldn’t get your example page to work in Safari (3.1). Is this a known issue?

  • Comment by: Travis
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is a star a light soure?

  • Comment by: emma
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[…] Домашняя страничка проекта star-light: […]

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