World’s First Blogger Is A Local Boy

Most evenings, around 10pm, I wander up the hill to my local pub for a quiet pint and a chat. The pub is named after former resident Sir Richard Steele. Described as a politician, playwright and essayist, Sir Richard Steele has now been outed as the World’s first blogger.

I just nipped to the pub (for research purposes ;-)) and jotted this down from one of the many clippings on the wall:

Sir Richard Steele

Lived in the reigns of Charles II,
James II, William IV, Anne,
George I and George II.

Had a country cottage
near this spot when
Hampstead was a leafy village.

Born in Dublin – 1672
Died at Carmarthen – 1729.

Father an English Attorney;
Mother Irish.

Educated at Charterhouse,
London, and Merton College, Oxford.

Twice married – a widow
owner of estates in Barbados,
who died in 1706 and a lady from
Wales who died in 1718.
Had four children.

Became Captain in The Horse Guards,
and held sundry official posts.
Knighted in 1715.

Politician, Playwright
and literary journalist, best known for
work with Joseph Addison in
“The Spectator”

Spendthrift, but generous,
honest, and manly.

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I thought Jesus was the world’s first Blogger. You know, giving out dictums, performing miracles regularly. Or it may have been Paul. He wrote a lot of letters to all those ancient people back then, as anyone who has been to a Catholic Mass can attest. Guess I was wrong again.

  • Comment by: Dante
  • Posted:

You reckon? Haven’t you seen what was scribbled all over those pyramids?

  • Comment by: pingu
  • Posted:

King Tute woz ere?

  • Comment by: Olly
  • Posted:

Spendthrift, but generous, honest, and manly.

I don’t know why but that cracks me up.

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

Hell, even the Bible could be considered a blog. We need a better definition.

  • Comment by: Dante
  • Posted:

lol, I don’t think any of that counts. It is after all /web/ log, right? I don’t think Jesus, the pyramids, et al were wired with broadband.

What about Atlantis? Some cooky theorists think Atlantis was a technologically advanced civilization. Perhaps some antediluvian was the first blogger.

…and Steele is most famous for his blog.

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