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I’ve been chatting lately with Markus Mielke of Microsoft. Markus is sprucing up Microsoft’s documentation for Internet Explorer. His first article will attempt to remove some of the mystery surrounding “layout”. Ingo Chao and band have supplied some great fixes for anomalies caused by “layout”. Markus’ document will explain the mystery behind this property and the effects it has on page rendering. He is keen to do more and has agreed to take requests from fellow web developers!

Is there an area of IE documentation that you think is lacking or needs improving?

Markus wants to know. Comment here (or Molly’s site if you prefer).

Please note that anti-MS rhetoric is not welcome on my site. So please don’t waste my bandwidth on it. If you must vent your spleen then the IE Blog also takes comments.;-)

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I would be interested to know the relationship between hasLayout and IE’s keyboard navigation. The article I’ve pointed to doesn’t tell the whole story, as hasLayout doesn’t always solve the problem, and sometimes isn’t required. A better understanding of how it works may shed more light on the issue.

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The documentation about IE Databinding & Data Source Objects could use some help (, in particular the Tabular Data Control (

I discovered by accident that, when using a TDC, you can give each field of the DSO’s embedded recordset its own data (sub-)type (instead of just variant string). This is done by declaring the type on the headers of the TDC’s CSV supplier page, e.g: “Name”,”Birthday:DATE”,”Age:INT”,”IsCitizen:BOOLEAN”,”Wage:FLOAT” “John Doe”,”1/1/1970″,”35″,”True”,”$15″ ….

The effect of doing this is that the DSO’s sort and filter methods actually work correctly for those types of data.

Not in the docs, tho… I’ve written to MS product feedback about it before (twice I think), but that’s a black hole.

  • Comment by: Rob
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Dang, thought line-breaks would’ve been preserved. That example should appear thus:

“John Doe”,”1/1/1970″,”35″,”True”,”$15″

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HasLayout — Mysteries unveiled In conjunction with WaSP members (like Dean Edwards and others) and other experts, Markus Mielke created…

I’d like to know what’s going on with selecting text (with the mouse) in a page. On the whole it works fine, but throw in a bit of clever css positioning and suddenly the selecting region jumps all over the place.

I suspect this hasLayout property may be involved, since other browsers seem to have no problems.

  • Comment by: pingu
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[…] or some time. This is largely due to lack of documentation and discussion about the issue. Dean Edwards (WaSP, WHATWG), Gallant and others went in search of better documentation for hasLay […]

Hey Pingu, i habe the same question, too. The “hasLayout property” must may be involved.

  • Comment by: Christian
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“Too many cooks spoil the broth.” What’s the definition of Standard? I think there are too many “standards”.

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