‘About’ Script

I’ve made available the PHP script that powers my about page. I’m no PHP expert and the script is pretty simple. Grab it from the download page if you want it. Someone else already has.

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Yep, its a great script. Thanks for sharing it Dean!

  • Comment by: Sara
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What do I need to add to your script in order to output it as Atom 1.0?

  • Comment by: James
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[…] question just click in on the top left of the nav bar or click here. I got the script from Dean Edwards. Trying to make a few tweaks here and there. Adding a so […]

Certainly novel. Aren’t you assuming people want to know about them? Some people just aren’t that interesting, including me.:)

Thats a good idea, a personal FAQ … Thanks for the inspiration:)

  • Comment by: nz web guy
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I shall try to use yours PHP script. Thanks

  • Comment by: Nebogo
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