Back In Action

I’m back from a months break away from my PC. My RSI inflicted tendons have now eased themselves back into their intended elasticity.;-)

Some of the things I did this month:

Now that I’m back in action I have some things to do:

Some things I might do in the coming months:

It’s good to be back.:-)

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…and blogging before 10am? Good grief.

Shepard’s Pie looked good.

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Worth a try: Shape the Future of the Web – Join Opera Software.

Ha! There’s the famed server!

Deadwood… lol… I’ve never heard the word “cocksuckers” so many times in my life :0)

My favorite HBO series is Carnivale.

How about a recipe for your Shepherd’s Pie? Or is it top secret?

Oh, I see the recipe now… flipped through the pictures too quickly.

Well, what comes to your mind as the new “IE7” name? Guess we’re all excited;)

Damn, I didn’t even realize that you were away… I guess I’ve been away too long as well. Maybe it is time to try to get back to 8 hour work days again?

We really need to get WF2 out. It has been ready for an initial release for way too long.

I hope you liked Google;-)It would be awesome to be able to work full time with you.

Now Just Apply This Knowledge To Dean Edwards ‘IE7’ Project And Your Done. Instant CSS 2.1 and (most) 3.0 Support For IE Techblogging The approach is simple: given the string Foobar in an HTML file, almost any parser will treat this as an comment. Except for Internet Exploiter, which will treat “Foobar” as if it was part of the regular text. Instead of “Foobar”, you …

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