base2 Moves to Google Code

I’ve updated the code a little bit so you may want to re-download. The built libraries are here:

The new packer source code is also included and the packer test page runs off Google’s servers too:

Feel free to use the wiki and issue tracking features.

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Dean, with regard to semicolons; What if you were to add semicolons back into the origonal source, before packing rather than trying to make packer handle the missing cases.

I believe you could probably use Firefox’s Function.toString to your advantage as i believe if you give it code that doesnt have semicolons, the toStringed version will have had the semicolons inserted into the correct place.

I haven’t looked at the code for the new packer so i dont really know how viable that is sorry.

sorry, i am a muppet!

[…] y ya está integrada en Google Code: […]

JFYI, only people on the project’s team can edit the wiki. It’s still a nice service though, thanks for making Base2 open source:)

  • Comment by: Dannii
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Hey Dean, thanks for all the great work! This is going to be so helpful!

I have, what I think, is quite the newbie question. I’ve downloaded the base2-dom-fp.js file, then added the following in my page:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”base2-dom-fp.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”> var e = base2.DOM.Document.getElementsByClassName(“something”); </script>

When I open this page in Firefox ( on my Mac), I get the following error:

b has no Properties (base2-dom-fp.js)

Am I missing something here? Just playing around with it to see how it worked…

If you add to the list of addresses to email, you can have better CIA stats. At the moment I’ve set it to poll the svn once an hour.

  • Comment by: Dannii
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Sorry, but I couldn’t work out what the various builds did? What’s the difference?

  • Comment by: Thomas
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I have never used google code before but it seems that there is only the svn working on yours.

@Thomas – I will explain the various libraries at a later date. For the time being I am only supporting base2.DOM:

The -fp suffix indicates that it is a full package (includes all dependencies) and that it is packed.

  • Comment by: -dean
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Hi Dean! I just was looking on the Google-site, but under “downloads” there are no files to download. Is this just a page build to inform about the project?

  • Comment by: Jens
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There are no downloads. The code is still being developed. You can access a developers cut at the address above. Eventually I will serve the code directly from Google’s servers at a permanent URL.

  • Comment by: -dean
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Is there a workaround for the iframe-load thing? Or could it be just an IE problem?

  • Comment by: RV
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It really lets JavaScript look like JavaScript:) I think the idea behind Base2.DOM is great. Let’s make all browsers behave the same by implementing missing features, fixing broken ones and implementing new features. Great stuff, Dean

@ RV : An IE problem I think, but perhaps dean would add more explanations.

  • Comment by: Maxime
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What “iframe-load thing”?

  • Comment by: -dean
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I would like to extend your Array2 class, but you’ve deleted the extend function from it. When I tried to comment that row out I got an error so instead of figuring out how all your code works I thought I’ll just ask you.

How can I extend your Array2 class to create a customized collection?


Oh and have a look at some other questions I wrote here before I found base2. you’ve probably solved some of them in base2 already.

@Johan – base2 already has a Collection class. If you want to augment Array2 then use the implement() method.

  • Comment by: -dean
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Dean, how can I take part in your community?

  • Comment by: Joachim
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Dean, thanks for this great resources. base 2 is awesome!

  • Comment by: George
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