Firebug Security Patch

Joe Hewitt has released a security update for his super-useful Firebug extension.

He recommends that you upgrade ASAP.

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I had to disable Firebug just recently because it was causing Firefox to hang with very high CPU usage. Now I wonder if it could have been related to this. Perhaps some malicious script used Firebug to go digging around in my computer. Quite scary.

  • Comment by: James Justin Harrell
  • Posted:

@James – I noticed the same problem on my machine. It’s probably best to enable Firebug only for the sites you are developing/testing.

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

i see they release a new version… i think i go to disable FB now.

@James the new version (1.05) seems to be a little bit smarter (less CPU usage), but it still slow down…

  • Comment by: Daniel
  • Posted:

No luck with Firebug. I’ve noticed they sacrificed some console logging features(

Yes Dean, me too I had to disable firebug because sometimes (lots) he make crash firefox on gmail when I “pop-out” a chat.

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