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Safari 3.1 fails the Acid2 test:

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I was thinking that safari have never succes the acid2 but as wikipedia says, safari was the first!

Bad regression :/

The bug is 2 years old: Safari 3.0 failed the test on reload (but not on initial load). It’s questionable whether, due to it only failing on reload, it actually fails.

I think apple has to do some chenges in the Safari 3.1 version, then it will be ready to pass also the ACID3 test, but for me the Safari 3.1 is a big step comparing to the 3.0.

What Geoffrey Sneddon said; It’s been there since 3.0 apparently (just checked; still have 3.0.4 on this machine here).

As a comparison I checked it in IE8 too, which renders it fine even after a refresh yet it renders very slow and takes a while for the eyes to show (you can see it applying rule after rule).

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The regression has been fixed in the latest webkit nightly. Now all we have to do is wait for 10.5.3:P

[…] Also, Dean Edwards noted that Safari 3.1 failed Acid2 (not 3!) in a regression, but it appears a patch has landed. […]

Such regressive setbacks are really undesirable, and since I always believed Safari to be a better browser than IE8, so it’s a pitty that such failures happen. I’m glad the problems were fixed, and I’m looking forward to further Safari development, perhaps in time it will become a more serious contender on the browsers market.

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