Back in the game

After some wrangling I’m back in control of the domain.

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Congrats man!, I am very happy that you’ve got your domain back, keep up the good work.

  • Comment by: arnabc
  • Posted:

Sweet! Glad you got it back! Keep it up!

  • Comment by: ricardoe
  • Posted:

Way to go!

  • Comment by: Doeke Zanstra
  • Posted:

Phew, quite thrilling. Congrats!

  • Comment by: Robert
  • Posted:

Congrats, Dean! :)

  • Comment by: Peter
  • Posted:

Wait, but how can we be sure this is you!? Hmm, we need a test of some kind… *ponders*

But yeah, cheers to you! :)

Good news :-)

Glad you got it back.

Thanks everyone!

I’d like to draw a line under this incident now. I want this site to go back to what it was intended for. A place for me to publish my code.

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

Happy to hear everything’s all right now!

Good News, Good Stuff!

function test(){ if (YouReDEAN() && YouKnowIt()){clapsYourHands()} }


  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:


; )

  • Comment by: Jan
  • Posted:

Time to start working on IE fix JS again? :D

  • Comment by: Marcus
  • Posted:

your packer js page doesnt appear to work anymore.. Did you take it offline?

  • Comment by: Llewellyn
  • Posted:

Hi. Good News … Hopefully it goes on in here … :-)

  • Comment by: Otto
  • Posted:

Dean, We need your skills to create IE9.js! IE8.js more powerful than IE8 itself! Do you need some persuasion? Maybe some $$? What will it take?

At least make IE8.js work with IE8 to fix it so it’s just as powerful!


  • Comment by: Dan Wilt
  • Posted:

good to hear! hopefully this blog will come back to life :)

  • Comment by: devmag
  • Posted:

Love the blog! Glad it’s not lost.

  • Comment by: Reynaldo
  • Posted:

Hoping to see some more posts/work from you soon Dean!

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