If you want to know something about me then you can ask a question.

  1. Where are you from?

    I was born in East London. I’m not sure if I was born within the sound of Bow Bells or not. I now live in North London. If you walk downhill from my house you come to a famous market. I prefer going up the hill.

  2. How did you get into programming?

    Space Invaders. First playing the game. Then typing computer code into a primitive PC so that I could play the game at home. After that I learned to write my own games...

  3. What are your favourite programming languages?

    The first programming language that I really liked was Actor. An obscure Smalltalk variant, it was my first pure Object Oriented Programming Language. I loved it!

    Nowadays, I mostly code in JavaScript. I had pretty low expectations of the language at first but I’ve slowly come to like it just as much as Actor :-). Kudos to Brendan Eich for producing a neat, powerful and compact language.

  4. What do you do when you are not coding?

    Testing and debugging :-(.

  5. What about religion?

    I am a devout gooner.

  6. Dante is pondering:

    Are you married?

    No. Are you proposing? ;-)

  7. Rob Mientjes is curious to find out:

    Do you have any favourite animals besides gnus?

    Yes, I like gnus. I also like penguins, pythons, tortoises, tomcats, tigers, lynxes, foxes and of course, mice. In fact, I like animals so much, I often go on safari.

  8. Sue is curious to find out:

    I read your about and came to wonder how old you are?

    I’m in my very very late thirties. ;-)

  9. Val Jumba wants to know:

    How are you debugging? Do you use only alert() or doing oun JS debuger?

    I use alert mostly. I also use the Microsoft Script Debugger and the JavaScript console. The MS script debugger is actually quite good (though difficult to find).

  10. Benjamin Jackson is curious to find out:

    Is this you on MySpace?

    No. I’m not that annoying.

  11. Dante is nosy enough to ask:

    Where do you work?

    These days I mostly work at home in my kitchen (it’s quite nice really) but I am willing to potter about London visiting clients.

  12. Dante is left to wonder:

    What kind of music do you like?

    Dante, you are full of questions! ;-). You got my sweet spot though, I love music. It is faster to list the stuff I don’t like:

    But I’m especially fond of:

  13. Rob Mientjes wants to know:

    What would be your ultimate future employment (except of course no job)?

    To be honest I quite like what I do now, which is making a modest living without actually having a job. I’d like to sustain this state of grace for as long as possible.

  14. Dante is left to wonder:

    I really know I shouldn’t be asking so many bloody questions, but could you explain how you set up this site on your PC and what you need to do so?

    I’ve thought about writing A Guide To Running A Web Site From Your Kitchen. I don’t have time right now and to be honest maybe I’m not the right person. If I get five more requests for this I’ll publish the guide. Fair enough?

  15. James is left to wonder:

    Could you explain how you set up this site on your PC and what you need to do so? Please publish "A Guide To Running A Web Site From Your Kitchen."

    Doh! That was quick. OK, four to go...

  16. mac is left to wonder:

    Could you explain how you set up this site on your PC and what you need to do so? Please publish "A Guide To Running A Web Site From Your Kitchen."

    Four to go. Oops! I mean three to go.

  17. Xemus wants to know:

    Could you explain how you set up this site on your PC and what you need to do so? Please publish "A Guide To Running A Web Site From Your Kitchen."?

    Groan. Grumble. Alright, two more requests and I’ll write it. But no more cutting & pasting. Let’s have some original requests!

  18. Nelson is curious to find out:

    Dean, could you please write an inspiring guide about... uhmn... say... how to run a website from your kitchen?

    Damn. This is happening way too quickly. OK one to go I guess...

  19. jeffers is curious to find out:

    Dean, can you please NOT write a guide on how to run a web site from your kitchen?

    I like your thinking. This counts as a minus vote so two to go. Also, this "about" page is starting to get silly. Maybe you want another Dean Edwards?

  20. Alex is curious to find out:

    How can I go about creating a webserver that runs in the food preperating place???

    Good versatility. Like the rephrasing. That still leaves me a stay of grace by my reckoning. One request to go...

  21. Jens is left to wonder:

    Dean, I would rather have some pages of you running in your kitchen, on your website. Would that be possible?

    Er. That just about qualifies as a request to write A Guide To Running A Web Site From Your Kitchen. I’ll put something together in the next few weeks. Please! No more requests that mean I have to work!

  22. Barbra wants to know:

    What does your Kitchen Look like?


  23. Barbra is pondering:

    Do you eat Ham and Bacon?

    Mmmmm. Bacon.

  24. Alex Lein wants to know:

    What server-side language you use for your site? (I noticed you mentioned Ruby, but a lot of your projects are Microsoft related)

    This site is pretty much static HTML. There are some PHP includes but nothing too fancy. My weblog is powered by WordPress which is a PHP/MySQL application. As to my work being Microsoft related, I prefer to think of it as compatibility related. :-)

  25. Dirk is left to wonder:

    I like your work, can I participate in it?

    You sure can. The IE7 forum is a good place to start. I’m always looking for good testers. Others submit bug reports, suggestions and improved code.

  26. nick edwards is curious to find out:

    did you work for extel in a previous life?

    Hi Nick! Yes that was me.

    How did you find my site? I’d like to think that you were searching for something related to web development but I suspect that you were searching for "edwards". ;-)

  27. Aaron wants to know:

    Boxers or briefs?


  28. Dogsbody is curious to find out:

    Are you a man’s man?

    Not really.

  29. zapada wants to know:

    How much sleep do you get on an average night?

    Anywhere between zero and twenty hours. I guess the average is a standard seven-eight hours.

  30. Poncho is curious to find out:

    I really like your IE7 scripts, do you plan to keep developing them to *patch* the Microsoft IE7 when it fails to inspire?

    I’ll carry on maintaining IE7 for as long as it is needed.

  31. John oxton is curious to find out:

    Does my bum look big in this?

    Are you still trying to swap pants Oxton?

  32. Luke Mildenhall-Ward is curious to find out:

    So how come you didn’t take Microsoft up on their offer to go work for them for one meelion dollars?

    I did. I spent all the money and now live in a cardboard box beneath London Bridge.

  33. Sara is left to wonder:

    Can I be one of your a member of your fan club ;)

    There is a bush right outside my house. Start twitching. ;-)

  34. Olly is pondering:

    Daddy or Chips?

    Well, if you’re talking brown sauce, then I’ve always been an HP man.

  35. Ichat is pondering:

    Do you even bother to answer my realy stupid question :P

  36. Dan Bailey is pondering:

    Have you ever eaten black pudding?

    For those that don’t know, black pudding is a sausage made from congealed pigs blood. In other words — fried scabs. And yes, I’ve eaten it. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

  37. Klaudija wants to know:

    How much time do you spent with your PC? Are you sleeping in your kitchen ;-) ?

    I spend about twelve hours a day at my PC. That is way too much time! Thankfully I haven’t nodded off at my desk yet...

  38. Sara is pondering:

    Are you having a good birthday?

    I never really enjoy my birthdays (the other 364 days of the year are fine though). This year was going well until someone bought me a bottle of champagne. Champagne wipes me out.

  39. ZR wants to know:

    How do You make a living?

    I’m a programmer for hire. If there is no work then I sell my own blood.

  40. Nadia a.k.a. Bob is left to wonder:

    What is your favorite position?

    Well Nadia/Bob. Your question can be interpreted in many ways. So I’m going to duck it completely and say: Central Midfield.

  41. Sam is curious to find out:

    What is your favourite web browser and why?

    Firefox because it has brilliant extensions.

  42. David is curious to find out:

    Do you think anyone can catch Chelsea?

    My heart says yes but my head says no.

  43. Curious Coward is pondering:

    Do you still drink beer?

    Is the Pope still Catholic?

  44. Guillermo wants to know:

    Do you plan on splitting the questions in pages someday?

    If this page becomes really big then I’ll split it, otherwise I like it the way it is.

  45. SCOOT is left to wonder:

    Hey this page is really cool - can i use the script for my own webpage please?

    Yes you can. Grab it from the download page.

  46. travis is pondering:

    Isn’t this more of an FAQ than an "About"?

    Damn! You’re right!

  47. jbrunette is left to wonder:

    I’ve enjoyed your site for quite a while now and...wait, did your favicon just wink at me? Can I have it’s phone number?

    He may well have winked at you. He’s a cheeky little devil.

  48. Curious Coward wants to know:

    Why are you so cool?

    I have the gene for coolness. 8-)

  49. Peter Cowburn wants to know:

    Isn’t this more of a OAQ* than an "About"? *(Once Asked Questions)

    Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

  50. The Atheist Quaker is left to wonder:

    Do you still like playing computer games?

    Sometimes. I loved Half-Life 2.

  51. ah is left to wonder:

    what do you think about Mourinho(tm) ?

    He’s pretty cool I suppose but officially I hate him. ;-)

  52. Curious Coward is left to wonder:

    How did you get so good at JavaScript?

    Practice makes perfect.

  53. Bradley is curious to find out:

    How fast is the internet connection to your kitchen (Mbits/sec?). Is it DSL, fiber, Cable... hmmm?

    2Mbit download, 256Kbit upload ADSL.

  54. moa is curious to find out:

    euh pourkoi ??

    See question 35.

  55. Patrick Kraaij is left to wonder:

    Do or did you have people where you look up to? Like I look up to you :-)

    Aw shucks. There are lots of people that do good work. See my list of JavaScript sites below.

  56. dA hOttEE wIt Da bOdEe is pondering:

    dOo U tInK iM cEXxii?*?*? SmOocHeeZ!!

    I am enamoured of your typing skills.

  57. THE BOOBAHS ARE ATTACKING wants to know:

    Will you take me to the prom? Oh pweety pweety plweease??

    Well, OK. But keep your hands to yourself.

  58. Nobody is left to wonder:

    What’s the 14th decimal in pi?

    I have no idea.

  59. Curious Coward wants to know:

    What dude?

    See question 35.

  60. Guillermo wants to know:

    I have a bat-related problem. Actually I live in a fifth floor, and I can see from the window lots of bats. Any suggestions?

    Feed them midges. Bats like midges.

  61. Jeffwa is pondering:

    Do you know Andre Torrez?

    Never heard of him.

  62. dungsaga wants to know:

    so will you stop when MS IE7 finally released?

    See question 30.

  63. Iair Salem is curious to find out:

    Which sites do you consider the top 10 javascript sites?

    Ooh. Unordered list time:

  64. Elliott Hird is pondering:

    Do you exist?

    I think I am. Or something like that.

  65. Robert wants to know:

    Google or Yahoo?

    At the moment I gotta say "Google".

  66. Its me is left to wonder:

    Which would you prefer - moon or your kitchen?

    We like the moon.

  67. Rebecca is left to wonder:

    What is your favorite TV show?

    Deadwood is ace and Shameless is hilarious.

  68. Elliott Hird is pondering:

    Will I ever get listed on your links page :P?

    Link whore.

  69. behe is curious to find out:

    Do you like Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate [70% Cocoa Solids]?

    I’ve never tried it. Sounds good though.

  70. Jon is curious to find out:

    Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?

    Dame Edna Everage.

  71. sam s is pondering:

    Your work would be very beneficial to M$. Have they been in touch with you? They should be you’re most generous donator!!!!!

    I have an option just for them on my donation page.

  72. Scott is left to wonder:

    How did you get into coding so much with JavaScript?

    I just love to code!

  73. js-paranoid wants to know:

    do you know how much your packer influences performance? does it at all?

    Yes. It is slightly slower to evaluate a script but that is more than offset by improved download times.

  74. Andy wants to know:

    Do you have any fond memories of Card Crew ’92?

    I sure do. I got cleaned out in the first few hands, borrowed twenty quid then went on to wipe you all out. Heh heh heh. Oh yeah, we ate a lot of pickled eggs.

  75. Curious Coward is pondering:

    Its test question only ;)

    Thank you for testing my site.

  76. some guy with too much time is pondering:

    what is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (european, please)

    24 miles an hour.

  77. Rafael is pondering:

    What is your browser of choice?

    See question 41.

  78. Anonymous Coward is curious to find out:


    See question 35.

  79. Tony B (not that one) is left to wonder:

    How long deos it take to learn javascript thoroughly? I’m trying..

    Thoroughly? The language itself is pretty easy. But then you have to learn the DOM and then you have to learn all of the cross-browser incompatibilities. And just when you think you’re getting there, someone brings out a new browser. I’m looking at you Safari.

  80. Tony B is left to wonder:

    And how long to learn to spell? (Doh!)

    You can spell fine. You just need to improve your typing.

  81. Molly E. Holzschlag is pondering:

    Where do you find the patience to answer every one of these nosy buggers?

    I’m atoning for my sins.

  82. Sam is curious to find out:

    Do you like Italian food? Pizza or Pasta?

    I love Italian food. Pizza and pasta the least though.

  83. Tony B is left to wonder:

    Molly, he hasn’t answered me yet!

    Hey! This is supposed to be a Q&A. No dialogue between you guys — get a chat room!

  84. Lawrence is pondering:

    What about mexican food?

    Mexican is fine by me. I’m easy to please. :-)

  85. Curious Coward is pondering:

    Fish and Chips?

    Yes please! With a gherkin and some bread and butter. And don’t forget the salt and vinegar!

  86. Sam is left to wonder:

    So you like Italian, Mexican and Fish and Chips. But what is your favourite food?

    Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings.

  87. oops is pondering:

    By the way, what’s your name?

    You’re an idiot.

  88. Curious Coward wants to know:

    Do you like your first and last name ?

    I do. They are so easy to type.

  89. Mike is pondering:

    Am I bored?

    If you have read this far then yes, you are.

  90. James wants to know:

    I want to learn JavaScript. Are there any sites you’d recommend that give a thorough account of the language, and can put it into terms normal people understand?

    Read Simon Willison’s slides. They are dead good.

  91. Tim is pondering:

    Have you ever been mistaken as an American online?


  92. Alexander is curious to find out:

    Your server has been online for 800+ days, is your monthly/quarterly electricity bill in triple digits?

    Triple digits is only £100 so yes, my quarterly bills are in that range. My site needs a computer on 24 hours a day — most people do that anyway.

  93. DF-China is curious to find out:

    Do you think javascript is being abused these days, ie. as a sneaky hack to *pass* W3C xhtml test ?

    There’s nothing wrong with using JavaScript to correct browser bugs. If you use valid markup and it does not render correctly on a certain browser then by all means use JavaScript to fix the problem.

  94. Grud is curious to find out:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

    Can’t you do your own licking?

  95. behe is curious to find out:

    Have you ever watched Green Wing?

    No. But I intend to soon. Everyone says how good it is.

    Yes. Not a fan.

  96. A BIG BIG GIANT is pondering:

    Grr. I am a giant. You sound tasty. Cower before me in fear.

    Scat! Damn giants.

  97. milasupasta is left to wonder:

    Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian - you are definetly a master of satire!

    I am already a famous comedian. Didn’t you know?

  98. Nicola is left to wonder:

    Why do you blog? And why many people read you?

    I like publishing code and programming solutions. A blog is the best way to do this. I imagine that people read my blog to find unusual JavaScript tidbits. Either that or it is my poetic writing style.

  99. Sam is pondering:

    Do you watch the Simpsons?

    Best. TV programme. Ever.

  100. Aja Lapus is left to wonder:

    Geez. Your favicon is creepy. I’ve got four tabs of you open and was surprised they all winked at me! How do you make animated .ico’s?

    Easy. Take an animated GIF and rename it. Told you it was easy.

    And that was the 100th question! :-)

  101. Christino is left to wonder:

    Do you ever get tired of all this?


  102. Hunter is left to wonder:

    Do you have a favourite local in Camden?

    The Sir Richard Steele.

  103. Antonio Touriño wants to know:

    Do you speak any foreign languages?

    I lived in Switzerland and Germany for a while and still speak no foreign languages. Shame on me.

  104. ......... wants to know:

    Are you an human??

    Good question! None of that "Where do you live? Do like chocolate cake?" nonsense. You ask "what species are you?" — fundamental stuff. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m human but I have no definite proof.

  105. Xavier is curious to find out:

    Who’s your daddy ?

    Mr Edwards.

  106. Deloris is pondering:

    ?Do you have an AIM account? If so, what is it?

    I’ve gone off IM (too intrusive). I don’t think I would post my userid anyway.

  107. Md. Sheriff is curious to find out:

    Ever thought of putting a TIMESTAMP for these Qs? And why not?

    I thought about it. Then I forgot. Then I remembered again. Then I forgot again. etc.

  108. David wants to know:

    Ever thought about putting a timestamp on these?

    Couldn’t you think of a better question? This is exactly the same as the last one.

    See question 107.

  109. Yum is left to wonder:

    This isn’t a question. Antonio Touriño, he speaks a foreign language, it’s English. It’s spoken in United States, which (if he lives where he claims to) is foreign to him.

    If he lives where he claims to? :-?

  110. Milos is curious to find out:

    […]A very accosting layout and a interesting discussion topic, do you provide any Web-based services to universities or students? […]

    You’re cooking what for dinner?

  111. Eduard is curious to find out:

    i just love your about page .. i haven’t laughed like this in a few days .. as for your little php script for the about page .. i’ll keep it in my TimeBox until i’ll get my site up .. again, great job ;)

    Ha ha! Eat that other Dean Edwards!

  112. Christina wants to know:

    Have you ever made a mental training?

    Spam on my about page? Cool!

  113. Sam wants to know:

    Do you use jQuery on any of your sites?

    I like jQuery (it’s my favourite library) but I haven’t used it on any client sites yet.

  114. Ephraim Hohn is left to wonder:

    Do you smoke?

    Like a freakin’ chimney.

  115. Gerson Yamamoto is curious to find out:

    Are you still updating the IE7 library?

    Yes. I haven’t updated it in a while but I will issue a final release soon(ish).

  116. Xenopholis wants to know:

    I just read this whole page, do I get a cookie?

    Do you mean biscuit? Everyone can have a biscuit. :-)

  117. Yahia is curious to find out:

    Do you sometimes meditate about metaphysical questions?

    Yes. Annoying isn’t it?

  118. Yahia wants to know:

    But Why do you smoke?

    Tough question. I do like smoking but I know it is bad for me. I’ll give up one day...

  119. some guy is pondering:

    i just wanna say wtf for no reason

    Go for it dude.

  120. Wildchild wants to know:

    MSIE6 sucks a lot. What about the current version of MSIE7 ?

    It sucks less.

  121. David is curious to find out:

    Wouldn’t that be nice if there was a timestamp on these?

    But then people could see how lazy I am about answering them.

  122. Yahia is left to wonder:

    How about calling this section a uFaq (unfrequently) instead of 'about?'

    FAQU? :-?

  123. potenzmittel is pondering:

    shit blog spam?

    Don’t push your luck.

  124. test is left to wonder:



  125. Captninsano is pondering:

    Can you write a tutorial on some of the things you made(like moz-behaviours)??

    I’m really lazy. Sorry.

  126. Curious Coward is curious to find out:

    do you think Vista will be any good?

    Probably not.

  127. MichaelK is left to wonder:

    I like your 'about' page, it has given me a needed laugh. Do you (or plan to) wirte additional libraries for cross browser UI functionality (AJAX)? If not, do you have a favorite?

    I like Prototype and jQuery. But I am writing my own library.

  128. grrowl is curious to find out:

    How tall are you ?

    Six feet nothing (not seven!).

  129. sebastian wants to know:

    Why are you doing this here? I think no one really uses this page how it should be used!

    I was too lazy to write a proper biography. So this seemed like an easy alternative — a user generated about page. Very Web 2.0. ;-)

    I’m pretty pleased with this page and I think most people use it just fine.

  130. Toni is left to wonder:

    How is the weather?

    It’s raining.

  131. pbhj is left to wonder:

    How did you become a member of the british underpants club?

    First, you have to get invited. This happens when Malarkey releases a messenger pigeon with special instructions. Next, there is a painful and humiliating induction ceremony. This lasts for several hours and is filmed by a masked man only referred to as "Norm". Finally, there are sacrifices to various pagan gods. Then we go to the pub.

  132. max wants to know:

    What is the weather like?

    It’s raining.

  133. Max is left to wonder:

    Where are you from?

    See question 1!

  134. Dante is curious to find out:

    Do you like Gershwin?

    Yes I do.

  135. camilo is left to wonder:

    how long did it take to do star-light? Ever consider doing a js code "beautifier"?

    I wrote star-light in only a few days.

    I doubt that I will ever write a beautifier. My code is already beautiful. ;-)

  136. Fred wants to know:

    How much would it cost me to buy some of your blood?

    I’ve got plenty of work at the moment so it is not for sale.

  137. Fred is curious to find out:

    Is there a way to decompress scripts packed with your packer?

    Yes there is. I will post a link here shortly.

  138. Curious Coward is curious to find out:

    Does <a href="">this</a> allow <a href="">HTML</a>?

    I think you answered your own question.

  139. Curious Coward wants to know:


    Because you are a coward.

  140. Amr Sobhy is curious to find out:

    which do you prefer and why, PHP or or JSP?

    I like/dislike them all equally. I’m not really a server-side programmer so who cares what I think?

  141. Yahia wants to know:

    Which p2p software do you use?

    µTorrent and LimeWire.

  142. Inviz wants to know:

    Were you unhappy when read that Valerio Proietti used your base.js and optimized it for his own needs? Seemed not

    Quite the opposite. I am always glad when someone adapts or furthers my work.

  143. Tony Ants is curious to find out:

    Were you confused when Inviz asked you a stupid question?

    I don’t think it was a stupid question.

  144. Inviz is left to wonder:

    Do you also hate when people are trying to find your fault just in incorrectly used foreign words?

    Now now you two.

  145. a college student is left to wonder:

    Do you think you could beat me in a starring contest?

    Starring in what? Or do you mean staring? I have a short attention span so you would probably win.

  146. Donny is pondering:

    ever consider to make a paging for this page?

    See question 44.

  147. Ax is pondering:

    Do you remember a bad case of "builder’s arse" in Essen, Germany aka "did you work as a VB programmer on a telco contract?"

    Yes I did. The story goes:

    There were a bunch of programmers working on a contract in Germany. We would stay in the Sheridan hotel during the week and fly home at the weekends. It sounds glamorous but it was actually pretty boring. We spent a lot of time sitting around the hotel bar drinking frothy German beers. One evening one of the barmaids politely whispered in my ear "Can you have a word with your friend please? His bottom is hanging out the back of his trousers and the other customers are complaining." I had a quick peak and indeed there was a large amount of butt-crack on display. This is known as "builder’s arse" in the UK. I had a quiet word with my colleague who took the news with admirable dignity and promptly adjusted his attire.

  148. Xenopholis wants to know:

    Do you also do birthday parties?


  149. Curious Coward is pondering:

    a college student <-- could sureley be beaten in a spelling contest

    Not by you.

  150. Alfred Fazio is pondering:

    What is the meaning of life?

    Whatever you decide.

  151. DF-China wants to know:

    This site has been up and running for 1000 days ! Any words to say ?

    I celebrated with a blog post. :-)

  152. Ian is curious to find out:

    What are you favourite editors and IDE's?

  153. Nicola wants to know:

    I read you aren't married. What do you think about women? :D

  154. yahia is pondering:

    What's your mp3 player software of choice?

  155. yahia is curious to find out:

    Do you code efficiently in silence and concentration OR when sth is on background like music...?

  156. pixtur wants to know:

    May use star light for PM-Tool under GNU-License ( If yes, where do I have to put you name?

  157. Xenopholis is pondering:

    Why do I get a confused smilie when I ask you if you do birthday parties? Maybe I wanted to hire you instead of that other Dean person ^.^

  158. Gunther wants to know:

    Do you speak foreign languages?

  159. Mark 'Phunky' Harwood is pondering:

    How do you feel about the sudden influx of the mass amount of JavaScript frameworks? ie: jQuery, dojo etc...

  160. j is left to wonder:

    Could you explain how you set up this site on your PC and what you need to do so? Please publish "A Guide To Running A Web Site From Your Kitchen." I was wondering when you might be getting around to that "Guide To Running A Web Site From Your Kitchen" thing. If you could just explain how you came to set up this site on your PC, & what would I need to do to do something similar, well, I for 1 would think it just lovely of you. Thanks much for such a great site!

  161. Roderick wants to know:

    Did you quit answering these questions?

  162. Gitarreninstitut is left to wonder:

    Whats your favorite Instrumental Rockband?

  163. Coaching is pondering:

    Have you stopped answering?

  164. Tor is left to wonder:

    How come you have stopped answering as well as updating your great IE7 package?

  165. michael wants to know:

    When did this page become a bore?

  166. a thing is curious to find out:

    What is the average velocity of an unladen swallow?

  167. Frank wants to know:

    Do you create websites mainly or code libraries?

  168. Dan is pondering:

    Are you on the run and you've gone into hiding?

  169. The other, other Dean Edwards is curious to find out:

    Did the final release of MSIE7 send you into a debitating bout of depression??

  170. Keukens is curious to find out:

    How long will you keep up this nono page?

  171. Maik is curious to find out:

    Are you doing sports or sitting alldays in front of your computer?

  172. Ibal Buddha is left to wonder:

    What are you favourite editors? "In Buddha liegt Liebe"

  173. David is pondering:

    Why are the spammers attacking your page? Those meanies.

  174. Mode is left to wonder:

    No answers now?

  175. Dominik is pondering:

    Are you still alive?

  176. John is left to wonder:

    Are you fond of silly spammers on this page?

  177. René is curious to find out:

    Are you married? And why don't you answer?

  178. wants to know:

    What kind of music do you like?

  179. Mr. Chazz is left to wonder:

    Still living?

  180. Schuster is pondering:

    to avoid spam u should check all questions before publishing them or not?

  181. Persönlichkeitsentwicklung is pondering:

    Why don't you delet all the SPAM entries?

  182. mig is left to wonder:

    You are a spammer too...

Feeling Nosy?

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