I’ve finally gotten around to moving my XML feeds to Feedburner.

Here is what persuaded me:

I’m not killing the feeds from this site but I would appreciate it if current subscribers pointed their feed readers to the new URLs. As is the current trend, I’ve created a syndication page. I mention this as I’m pleased with the effect provided by a single line of CSS:

ul.feeds>li a:hover:after { content: attr(href); margin-left: 1em;
    font-size: smaller; color: #898E79; }

Obviously, this only works on modern browsers. Sorry Explorer users.

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Well… Tried with a narrow window? Go ahead, shrink it on the h-axis, and you’ll see what your nifty code messes up. Yep! Jumping links. Now the question is: can you add overflow to generated content? :chuckle:
Also, feed:// is not recognised by FF, and sage does a nice enough job so I’ve no need for another browser that’d work only for feeds. Sorry if this may sound prehistorical but backward compatibility is always there lurking…:)

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OK Korbo, I’ve fixed that horrible overflow glitch. It wasn’t too easy…

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