Acid2: And They’re Off!

The Acid2 Test is finally here. It’s a tough test and currently no browser can pass it. So who’s going to be first past the post? The race has begun and we already have an early leader. I give you my unofficial starting prices and form guide for the great Acid2 race:

  1. Safari (1/3 Favourite) WINNER !!!

    This stylish mare has already sprung into an early lead. Ridden by the experienced Dave Hyatt, the first fence has been straddled with ease. Front runner.

  2. Opera (2/1 5/2)

    In the saddle, the man who devised the Acid2 test itself, Håkon Wium Lie. A thoroughbred by any standard, expect this horse to be there at the death. A serious contender.

  3. Firefox (5/1 4/1 5/1)

    Has come from nowhere to enter the race and threaten the favourites. Might suffer from lack of staying power but is also capable of powerful bursts that can see it clear of the pack. One to watch.

  4. Internet Explorer (20/1 33/1)

    Not fancied much by serious punters, this veteran gelding is still capable of performing on the big occasion. Could be headed for the knacker’s yard if it doesn’t run well in this race.

  5. IE7 patch (100/1 66/1)

    An outsider but may surprise some. The most heavily handicapped horse in the race.

Latest News

15th April – Dave Hyatt continues to ride Safari hard. Dave Baron on Firefox makes up some ground on Opera.

21st April – Hyatt calls for a Steward’s Enquiry!

23rd April – Hyatt gets what he wants. Meanwhile, Firefox struggles to keep pace.

24th AprilChris Wilson on Internet Explorer makes progress but is still well behind the leaders.

28th April – The race is now on for second place as Safari coasts home.

13th May – Despite being roundly beaten by Safari, Opera proudly pushes on for second spot.

2nd June – Untipped Konqueror comes through into second place.

4th June – A photo finish decides that iCab has in fact finished second ahead of Konqueor.

6th June – Edwards continues his pathetic attempts to catch up with the proper browsers.

20th OctoberOpera 9 edges toward the finishing post.

Place your bets!

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So if I pay you with (some of) the money I could win if IE7 patch passes the test first, would that work;-)

  • Comment by: Anne
  • Posted:

Anne, is that some kind of fancy spread bet that you want to place?;-)

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

I would be very very impressed to see your Ie7 make it past the post at all, let alone first – the fact that its sat on top of IE will make it very hard work:-)

Actually, I’d be interested to see what sort of job it does in its current state.

  • Comment by: Olly
  • Posted:

It is tempting odds for Internet Explorer though I’d hedge on a nightly build Firefox just by a nose length.

I agree that Safari is the front runner, but since an Opera employee (Rijk van Geijtenbeek) says that ‘Opera 8.0 will not get it right, and I doubt 8.1 will do it’, my money is on Firefox to come in second.

Safari is running really fast… like a panther or jaguar…

Opera will do it. They’re just having slow start – otherwise someone could accuse them of having horse on acid…

I see 5-year old CSS-compiliance bugs in bugzilla, so 3rd place is for lazy red panda.

  • Comment by: porneL
  • Posted:

Safari will be first in this race without a doubt. I hope that Opera will finish as close second. Hoping, at last.

  • Comment by: kronn
  • Posted:

[…] rease their standards support. A bit of irresistable humor compelled Dean Edwards to post: Acid2: And They’re Off! Comparing the various browsers to horses in a race. On the Safa […]

[…] unusually for an Apple employee) – he’s telling us all about it on his blog. (edit: Dean Edwards gives some interesting starting prices) Any other Apple Employee showing the same […]

I think Firefox is going to win.

  • Comment by: Martijn
  • Posted:

Bah! Microsoft will win this at a canter. I’ll take your ludicrous odds and your money!

  • Comment by: Frank Spammer
  • Posted:

Some thousand Euro against Internet Explorer;)

Web Standards Browser Test

I would be very very impressed to see your Ie7 make it past the post at all…

Comment by Olly

Well it ain’t gonna happen. The IE7 patch isn’t going to support CSS table layouts for a while yet. The <object> element is pretty broken too. Punters love a long-shot.

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

[…] be displayed, since he managed to conjure up this graphic. Dean Edwards (of IE7 fame) is currently taking bets on which browsers will complete the support first. He puts Safari at 1/3 […]

[…] quo; Nene Xing The Acid2 Bookie Dean Edwards has offered odds on which web browser will first pass the Acid2 test. No […]

Cool. Werird tho. Weird*

  • Comment by: xerocool
  • Posted:

Dean, I was wondering. Would it be possible to, upen encountering the code the WaSP is using for the test, replacing it with an image? That way you would probably win, albeit with a bit cheating.

  • Comment by: Anne
  • Posted:

Anne, it is possible but it would partially fail the test. Some of the measurements are EMs so users with different text sizes will see a slightly different result. An image will always look the same even if you resize text. I like the idea of cheating though.:twisted:

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

[…] ssibility Browser Elitism Acid2: Putting Browser Makers on Notice Acid2 and Safari Acid2: And They’re Off! Acid2 Let Loose Definitive Solution to Image Replacement The […]

Opera 8 final came out today, though I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. From the changelogs, the CSS support doesn’t appear to be any different from the betas. I think it’s kind of odd that one of their executives would announce the test and yet they wouldn’t try to be the first to pass it. I had wondered if the release of 8 final would do it.

Personally, though, I’d like to see the day when at least one browser – ANY browser – would support ALL of CSS2.1, as well as a few other W3C standards. Support the complete standard – what a novel concept. Is that really too much to ask? Developers are part of the team that creates these standards to begin with, right? I’d like to see some company actually make this a priority. (Opera, are you listening?)

  • Comment by: Joey
  • Posted:

Second won’t be Mozilla…

Robert O’Callahan – Acid2

  • Comment by: mlog
  • Posted:

Browser Progress IE team member Chris Wilson has posted about a couple of new developments in IE7: support for alpha-transparent PNG images…

[…] rowser penis size is WaSP’s Acid2 test. Safari seems to be doing the best so far, as predicted by Dean Edwards. I grabbed the latest Firefox nightly (20050423) and compared it with […]

Just how are you going to determine the actual winner of this race? When the first person claims to have passed Acid2 based on internal builds (likely to be Safar) or on the first public build that passes Acid2? And must that build be a stable release or will development builds be included as part of the competition.

Some things to consider that can throw a monkey wrench into the “Safari First” camp. If you are going through all the trouble to declare a race and a winner, we should know what the finish line is.

  • Comment by: Farix
  • Posted:

Not a gambling man then Farix?;-)

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

Safari wins!!!

  • Comment by: Joe Momma
  • Posted:

[…] mpiling WebCore yourself can be fully accomplished to have an Acid2-compliant Safari 1.3. The race goes on… This entry was posted on Thursd […]

Seeing as he included all his patches on the site, I wonder how close behind KHTML will be – and if they’ll be the first to release a browser that passes?

  • Comment by: Olly
  • Posted:

I think the winner should be based on who gets an actual production version of the browser out to “normal” users first. I suspect that Safari will still win, though.;)

Fiver on the IE7 beta. I’ll take a million to one.

  • Comment by: pingu
  • Posted:

The question is off course, as pointed out by others, when will this actually be in official distribution. I think there’s a candidate that has been completely forgotten in this “compitition” until now: Konqueror from the KDE Linux desktop. The Safari Webcore technology is “forked” from Konquerors KHTML-technology version 3.0.2. I don’t know if anyone at KDE/Konqueror is actually working on passing the Acid2-test, but if they do they can problably get a lot of inspiration/help from Dave Hyatt’s work. I believe that generally the time from bugs are fixed in developer-versions until they are in “production” are much shorter with KDE/Konqueror than with Apple/Safari. But I don’t know if anyone at KDE is actually trying to win the race:-)

Opera is getting close. Opera forum thread about Acid2 and pretty nice comparison of latest builds.

  • Comment by: porneL
  • Posted:

Opera has released not yet official 8.01 with fixes included. IHMO ahead of Deer Park Alpha.

  • Comment by: porneL
  • Posted:

It seems Konqueror development-versions now also passes the Acid2 test:

I bet there’s an official release of Konqueror passing Acid2 long before the official Safari-release.

It seems a beta of iCab actually made it before Konqueror, which is mentioned in a developer’s blog that I can’t give the address for, because when I tried I didn’t manage to get my post validated. (XHTML is not well-formed.)

  • Comment by: Jonathan
  • Posted:

Thanks for mailing this link Jonathon!

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

[…] @ 6:51 pm I guess everyone’s aware of the Acid 2 Test and Safari winning first place. Now iCab’s passed Konqueror and come in for s […]

Well, I am proud of having shown the winner of the race :p

Let’s see you later ;p

Well, I guess it’s time to chalk up iCab (not on there – does this mean infinity-to-one odds? I should have put a penny on them!) for the place and Safari for the show! What a race!

  • Comment by: thetorpedodog
  • Posted:

yes firefox is the best

  • Comment by: mumuri
  • Posted:

i really love firefox, but my email account (microsoft exchange) is completly loosing its usability… ;-(

You know, it’s really nice that some development build passes the acid2 test. How about bets on when someone will *release* a browser that passes the acid2 test? The current version of Safari doesn’t. It’s been what, 5 months?

  • Comment by: Daniel Shelley
  • Posted:

Ok, I`ll try it again. My posts are alway deleted, does anyone know why?

I only wanted to say that firefox is for me the best browser.

  • Comment by: Klaudija
  • Posted:

Klaudija – I’m deleting your posts because they look like spam. You are not adding anything interesting and you are linking to a commercial web-site. This happens very often on this weblog post. People say “Firefox is the best” and then link to a site about music or holidays. I suspect that this is because this page has a very high page rank (9) and I don’t use the nofollow directive on my site.

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

Ok I understand, then I will not link to my homepage anymore;-)

I`ve found this page with google and found some very interesting articles about the Acid2 Test and my favourite browser (Firefox), so I had to post my last comment;-)

  • Comment by: Klaudija
  • Posted:

Klaudija – You are forgiven. Sorry for deleting your pro-Firefox posts.:-)

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

Opera Software has released preview of Opera 9. It looks like there is only one acid bug left. They even did changes in rendering to make nose pixel-perfect with reference picture!

  • Comment by: porneL
  • Posted:

Today’s update to Safari (in OS X Software Update, production release) contains the acid 2 compliant webcore rendering engine. So the production release of Safari now passes the acid 2 test.

  • Comment by: Nugget
  • Posted:

[…] is only one bug left to fix. After the initial announcement of the second acid test, a race began to become the first browser to pass it. Safari won by a streak and was followed by i […]

[…] otine Bug. Will IE 7 be web developers’s friend? And will IE 7 pass the Acid2 test? Some see Safari in the first place. I am looking forward to the first beta to be released this […]

Go Safari Go !! I am betting the farm on Safari winning the race.

  • Comment by: Jessica
  • Posted:

KDE 3.5 including Konqueror 3.5 was officially released today, and it seems the browser passes the Acid 2 test. Konqueror didn’t make it as the first production-release of a browser to pass the Acid 2 test (as I had guessed it would) but it came pretty close:-)

[…] ere is only one bug left to fix. After the initial announcement of the second acid test, a race began to become the first browser to pass it. Safari won by a streak and was followed by i […]

I prefer the maxthon and the firefox for the anual pc use, but I’ll convert to safari at the moment my new mac arrives!:-) For many months I tried out that browser while I had to check my fax which arrived on the mac-desk of my roommate sam. There are a lot of needful plugs for all of the browser. check for the maxthon or (German) to pimp the firefox.

Opera 9 passes it. See for a linkdump on that.

Also, a bit earlier, Prince came in as the fourth user agent, and first non-browser, to pass it. See for that.

  • Comment by: liorean
  • Posted:

[…] est Filed under: Apple, Software, Internet — March 12, 2006 @ 11:02 am Apple’s Safari was the first to pass the Web Standard’s Acid2 test […]

It turns out that iCab3 and Konqueror don’t hide scrollbars, and that is requirement of the test, so strictly speaking they don’t pass the test!

  • Comment by: kL
  • Posted:

Weiteres zu Acid2 Der Acid 2-Test zieht weitere Kreise, wenn auch nur sehr kleine. …

[…] kuda_kudabulo (kuda_kudabulo) wrote,@ 2005-06-13 07:00:00      Закладка на Acid2: And They’re Off! Acid2: And They’re Off! Dean Edwards (IE7) мониторит прохождение браузерами ACID2 […]

[…] The other notable feat accomplished by the iCab 3 rendering engine was to become the second rendering engine, and the first to release a semi-public or public build (available to all registered users on May 20, 2005), to pass the Acid2 test of various web standards in May 2005. […]

[…] El otro hecho notable logrado por el motor de visualización web de iCab 3 fue convertirse en el segundo motor web en pasar en Mayo de 2005 el test Acid2 de cumplimiento de varios estándares web [tras WebKit, n. del T.], siendo el primero en lanzar una versión semi-pública (disponible para todos los usuarios registrados a partir del 20 de Mayo de 2005). […]

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