Web Forms 2.0 for Internet Explorer

At last! We’ve finally kicked off the Web Forms 2.0 implementation for Internet Explorer.

In case you didn’t know, WF2 has been produced by the WHATWG to plug the gaping hole in the HTML forms module. This development will provide support for WF2 on an Internet Explorer platform. We’ll be building things like the new date/time input controls, the datalist element, a range control (slider), well, all of it in fact.

The developers are:

This is a JavaScript solution. It is also our intention that it should be an invisible solution. That means:

All of the new form controls will be implemented as DHTML Behaviors. This is a Microsoft technology that allows developers to extend existing HTML elements. We will be able to provide the new properties, methods and events for existing controls and implement the new controls using this technology. I’m hoping that implementation will be via a single style sheet inclusion.

The project is being hosted on SourceForge. At the moment there is not much to see. We have uploaded some code and test pages but that’s about it. I’ll blog again when there is something concrete to demonstrate.

We have a public forum for those interested in submitting ideas and suggestions:

For more general information regarding Web Forms 2.0 please use the WHATWG mailing list.

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I saw your message on the WHAT-WG maillist, have you gotten your CVS issues resolved? Looks like it from the SourceForge CVS browser. This is the perfect time for this project because I’m just starting a small paper on WHAT-WG, emphasizing WF2, for a class looking at new and upcoming trends in web and interactive design.

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Dimitri mailed SourceForge tech support. Knobs were twiddled, levers were pulled and now we have CVS access! I believe it was a problem their end but they resolved it very quickly.

Feel free to direct your students to the forum above if they have any questions.

These early demos might also be of interest:

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Beware of the Ubiquitous Baton

I could swear I knew it the time you show up on WHATWG list that you’ll be part of this implementation;-)

Thumbs up for the new future!

  • Comment by: Markus
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Hurrah! It seems we have a good team at least. A good mix of experience and youthful gusto.

This development looks very promising.:-)

  • Comment by: -dean
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M$ should give you a job. Then again, it probably wouldn’t look too good on your first day…

IE team member: “Hi, I’m from the _insert feature here_ team” You: “Oh, you’re the guy responsible for that?” …and then you bitchslap him;)

Seriously though, great news! Drag IE into the future, even if it kicks and screams the whole way.

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What kind of a fucked up site is this? Gives me no information about your web forms. YOUR SITE SUCKS !

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You’re right! I’m giving up this Internet lark. I’m gonna buy a chicken farm in Portugal instead. Just me, some chickens and a Portugese chicken maiden. Yeah, that would be sweet…

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Can you raise pigs in Portugal? Now, that would have been sweet…

  • Comment by: Gary Gray
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Seriously though, great news! Drag IE into the future, even if it kicks and screams the whole way.

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Dean, I have released an alpha of my Javascript implementation of the WF2 Repetition Model:

I implemented it with your cssQuery. You can test out the implementation here:

Weston Ruter, it’s really nice! I will test your implementation… Thanks for sharing!

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I found that online form generators like are huge time savers for creating online forms. The coding & hosting has been reduced to miunute rather than weeks.

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