IE7 Spam

Link spam in my weblog comments:

buy strong Coca tea at

IE7 coca tea. Mmm.

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Why are you linking to the spammer’s website in your post? Don’t give them the extra page rank.

I know what you mean Daniel. But they went to all the trouble of registering and then linked back to my site. That deserves some Google juice!

  • Comment by: -dean
  • Posted:

Strange, all the spam I get seems to be centered around boobies and such…

  • Comment by: Frenzie
  • Posted:

I got the exact same spam message, just yesterday.

  • Comment by: Chris
  • Posted:

Sounds like an interesting though “not really that safe” word mark. IE7’s everywhere, huh?;)

Just add an

<a ... rel="nofollow"> ... </a>

attribute to the link so that googlebot (and probably other crawlers) ignore it.

  • Comment by: Nikola Klaric
  • Posted:

If to enter “rel=”nofollow” that your sites will lose Rank Page too I think.

  • Comment by: Nebogo
  • Posted:

It is easier to use manual editing and to delete the links to bad resources.

  • Comment by: Nebogo
  • Posted:

Thanks for adding a link to my article on your links page:)

How about some Seven up – serve chilled!

Spammers celebrate some one else’s high page rank with registring a domainname .com.

  • Comment by: Johan
  • Posted:

I expect something differrent when I read the title of this topic. But you are lucky, when you are wondering about one spammer.

  • Comment by: Thorsten
  • Posted:

Ha! Not too smart, o no, I can see it now “boss, our web traffic is 500%” “superb! how many visitors converted?” dang

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