IE7.js gets an update

IE7.js is finally updated!

Here are the changes:

There is a demo page here:

And you can download it from here:

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First of all, thank you for your script. It’s awesome!

I’ve been testing max-width (your script) in my layouts but in ie6 when I resize the window(browser) the script doesn’t work and the window gets a fixed width again. Any solution? Thanks!

Please use googlecode to submit bug reports:

*Please* remember to provide a test page. Try to keep the test page as simple as possible. Strip out any unneeded CSS rules. It makes it easier for me to isolate the problem.

  • Comment by: -dean
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Huge thanks for your magical script, very nice work.

I used it for several projects and it literally saved me dozens of hours!

Hi Ed, thank you for the script!! I am working on a website using a joomla template called Shaper_Phoenix which is not compatible with ie6!! Since in the index.php file there’s no header, and the template.css doesn’t give me the option of inserting the linking code, where can i place it? I already created and extracted the other files into ie7 directory on my local site. I have not yet uploaded it to the internet. I will appreciate your advice. Thank you.

  • Comment by: Ashey Wand
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Noob question: Can you safely use this library along side jQuery?

Dear Dean,

whats up with you and your projects?

It’s has become quiet. I hope your are keeping well.

P.S. You really should add a donate button to your website;)

regards, Marc

  • Comment by: Marc
  • Posted:

Is it safe to suggest libraries like this are no longer necessary? Internet Explorer seems to have really improved its standard compliance in more recent releases!

  • Comment by: Sam Millar
  • Posted:

No Sam, it’s not safe to suggest libraries like this are no longer necessary. Many people are still using Windows XP, and Microsoft (in their infinite wisdom) doesn’t allow them to upgrade to the latest versions of IE. I believe they’re stuck with IE8 or below.

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